Check out the activity history through the analytics created by Gracy.
Create a healthy in-house culture using data-driven analytics.

AI Report

Analyze AI reports generated from workspace-wide activity and individual member histories to track changes and usage trends compared to the previous month.

Grace Usage

Analyze Gracy usage trends by tags, core values, and channels to assess each member's internal contribution.

Member Interaction Status

Analyze Gracy interactions to identify member communication and departmental collaboration trends.


Assess member strengths, weaknesses, and contributions using Gracy leaderboard by core values and tags.

Whiteboard Participation Status

Learn about member opinions and satisfaction level. Anonymity guarantees honest answers that is helpful in building a better culture.

Shuffle Progress and History

View members' Shuffle progress and matching history to identify the most active contributors to organizational conversations.

AI Member Profile

Utilize member profiles generated from activity data to easily view members' interests and talents at a glance.

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